DX-PLANT® is aimed at maximizing client’s revenue and at minimizing expenses by leveraging TOYO’s engineering expertise.


Digitization of information

More sophisticated decision making

2nd category

Data acquisition

Information visualization and browsing

From anomaly detection Prevention of accidents


Through DX-PLANT®, TOYO provides solutions for four fields; engineering (E), operations (O), maintenance (M) and business (B). This system will realize “digital twin” of an actual plant on a secured platform. This system is built from big data relating to operation data, inspection and maintenance records. DX-PLANT® enables to realize users’ access whenever and wherever they desire and widely share the results of solutions for their plants.


The solutions to be applied depend on the type of plant and the needs of the customer. Therefore, it is important to identify issues to be solved and clarify the solution to be provided through discussions with customers. TOYO provides service to clients with collaboration of multiple partners and licensors as an ecosystem that provides together the functions of each company and more attractive solutions.

Achievements and examples

TOYO has developed DX-PLANT® /Fertilizer and launched it in December 2017 at a urea plant owned and operated by PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang (PUSRI). As of January 2020, DX-PLANT® is utilized in total 5 plants. TOYO will keep moving forward to expand to other process plants such as petrochemical plants and other industries.

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